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Fact Check: Looting in Mexico Caused by Coronavirus Panic Is False

A Footage was leaked, which revealed looting in Mexico, which was prompted by the panic of coronavirus was fake. It was viewed by almost tens of thousands of people on social media and was shared a lot during last week. It was earlier believed that the chaos happened because of the coronavirus, but later on, it was revealed that the footage was fake. This footage was filmed much more before the pandemic in 2017.

It was observed that the clip was being played on a loop with the same scenes featuring within a fixed interval of time.

Actually, in 2017, Mexicans protested against a 20 percent increase in gasoline prices which lead to the chaos there, which gave rise to looting at a store as reported by AFP

It seems as if society is overreacting in this manner. The coronavirus has equipped our minds with negativity, and it has now begun to shape our societies and our economy.

What happened actually?

It was reported that almost 70 people looted a grocery shop in the municipality of Tecamac, Mexico. It was said that there had been a large number of robberies in the nearby stores as well, and the footage revealed the store to be vacant. Moreover, people were advised to stay at home to avoid gathering.

Avoid panic as much as possible-

This clearly showed that some people are taking advantage of such a critical situation and not taking this seriously. We must realize that it’s our national responsibility to contribute our best so that we can stop panic from spreading in such a condition. There is a lot more to panic already as the attack of the coronavirus is increasing day by day, and no one has a clue when this pandemic will come to an end. Till then, we should calm our minds and try our best not to get into these kinds of panic situations.

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