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Facebook Has Come up With Suieng ‘Leadcloak’ a Software Used to Evade Ad Review Systems for Fraud COVID 19 Ads

Facebook recently announced that they have sued Basant Gajjar, He is the founder of not so known company that is known as LeadCloak. Facebook alleged that this small company was helping fraudsters and scammers in running misleading ads. These ads were shown on Facebook and Instagram. LeadCloak did so, by selling their cloaking software in order to fool Facebook’s ad review system.

What are ad cloaking software?

These kinds of software fool ad review system by making them think that the linked websites are clean and real. They do so in order to not raise any red flags. These ads may lead to fraudulent websites or worse. Users on the other hand, see totally different website which may prove to be a scam. This clearly violates terms of service.

What exactly is LeadCloak?

LeadCloak is a cloaking software which can be used generate traffic to a website. It was released in 2007. It helps people in cloaking ad links in order to keep track of money. The software helps in targeting a consumer market depending by using the location filters.

Why did Facebook sue LeakCloak?

According to Facebook’s Terms and Policies, misleading ads are not at all permitted. Especially, by using cloaking software and other methods. Gajjar violated those policies by using the name ‘LeadCloak’. Facebook stated that LeadCloak has been running ads and helping scammers in targeting other big tech companies. They said that LeadCloak helped in running fraud ads on Google, WordPress, Oath and other companies.

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Here, Facebook stated that LeadCloak’s software had been used to give permission to scams related to coronavirus. Also allowed scams related to pharmaceuticals, cryptocurrency, fake news pages in order to increase the views on the page.

Facebook did not give any money to the ads related to LeadCloak or those who had any connection to their software.

What is Facebook doing to fight these scammers?

Facebook has been doing their best to combat these coronavirus related scams. If wrong news gets out, it could result in panic. However, Facebook has been making efforts to fight the misinformation on their platforms. Just last month, the company and some other tech companies stated that they will work with the government health agencies in order to fight the misinformation being spread about the virus.