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F is for Family Season 5 Renewed or Cancelled? Everything We Know So Far

Netflix is going to release the fourth season of this popular animated comedy series. However, they have plans for the future of the series. It has been confirmed that F is for Family season 5 will happen. Also, there will be more seasons of the show in the future.

F is for Family Season 5 Renewal Status

Times are surely hard but there is something that is even harder. According to the writers, it is difficult to say what are the ranking of the show. If the performance of the show is good then Netflix will release more seasons. Season 4 is already coming this summer. F is for Family season 5 is being worked on by the writers.

What about after, F is for Family Season 5?

For most TV shows, fans hate it when they are suddenly cancelled. However, Netflix has always been considerate about everyone’s feelings. They usually give the show, one more season to complete the story. This way, the story is completed and fans happy and they do not hate the producers.

Also, Netflix has focused a lot on animated TV series. Most of them have been on the air for long periods of time while others are releasing every year. Many popular shows like the popular series Bojack Horseman ran for six seasons on Netflix. According to the writers, this will be the same for F is for Family. It could go on for more seasons.

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F Is for Family Season 5 Production Status

It was confirmed through Twitter that writers are working on the fifth season of the show. It was said that the fourth season will have a cliffhanger at the end. This cliffhanger will be the beginning of the next season. The Twitter belong to one the writer’s where the writer talks about the production status.

When he was asked about the fourth season is the last or not, the answers was no. He stated that the fourth season has a cliffhanger and the show has to be renewed.

The fourth season of this popular animated series will be releasing this year during the summer and the fifth season will release next year.

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