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Exclusive News For GTA 6: Release Date As Fans Love The Grand Theft Auto London

With rumors going around about the release date and the all the new locations of the GTA6 fans are hoping to get a grip around all the official details in the coming time. Everyone is anticipating for the development team to come forward and give out some details. But most of the predictions say that the game might actually come out in the year 2021.

The biggest gaming news given out by Rockstar’s parent company was the partnership between The National Football League and 2K, which ensures that we will have NFL games in the near future. This contract also brings back all the football themed games but it certainly won’t have any effect on when the next GTA game is released.

But the first game could arrive around the same time as GTA6. “The absolute best-case-scenario for a game release is Holiday 2021, though the industry experts do not expect an announcement/trailer anytime soon.

Instead, they are predicting that the developers and studios will have some titles ready for the new console launches happening soon.

With the past two GTA games set in San Andreas and Liberty City, people are generally assuming that GTA6 will go to the infamous Vice City.

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But however popular this is among the GTA fans not everyone want to return to this location.

Due to the recent appearance of the GTA6 concept video release which was set in London, most games have actually become fond of it and want the new game to be set in the UK.

But this idea seems very unlikely at the moment. Spinoffs can always take place in the multiplayer modes like previously seen in the online mode.