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Everything To Know About The House Of Cards Season 7

The House Of Cards Season 7
The House Of Cards Season 7

House of cards is an American television series based on the political drama and thriller. The series is created by the Beau Willimon.

The house of the series is based on the novel that has the same name as the series. The series is released on Netflix.

The genre of the series is a political drama and political thriller. The executive producers of the series are David fincher, Eric Roth, Joshua Donen, John Melfi, and some others.

The story of the series revolves around the politics and the politicians how politics is running.

The season has total 6 seasons released, the first season is released on February 1st in 2013, second was released on February 2014 on 14th, the third was released on February 27, 2015, fourth was released on March 4th in 2016, fifth was released on May 30th in 2017 and the sixth season was released on November 2nd in 2018.

The cast of the series: House of cards!!

House Of Cards Season 6
  • Kevin Sparcey in the role of Francis’s, he has different roles in the deferent season of the series
  • Robin Wright in the role of Claire Underwood is Francis’s wife
  • Kate Mara in the role of Zoe Barnes, a reporter and also in an intimate relationship with Francis
  • Corey Stoll in the role of Peter Russo
  • Michael Kelly in the role of Douglas
  • Kristen Connolly in the role of Christina Gallagher
  • Sakina Jaffery in the role of Linda
  • Sandrine Holt in the role of Gillian Cole, leader of an organization
  • Constrance Zimmer in the role of Janine Skorasky, a reporter
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And some other, so this is the cast that is the part of the series, house of cards till season 7

What’s the information about season 7 of the series house of cards?

House Of Cards

The last released season of the series that is season 6 is already released on Netflix and if you guys do not watch season 6 yet so go and just it out.

There is bad news for the people who are waiting for season 7 of the series; I have to tell you about the announcement by Netflix and the creators of the series that season 6 is the last and final season of the series.

The series is drop-down by the Netflix because of some reasons that is not revealed by the channel

Hopefully, there is a hope that Netflix renewed season 7 by seeing the popularity of the series!!