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Erykah Badu and Jill Scott Live Battle on Instagram

The Instagram battle between “Erykah Badu and Jill Scott” became a pretty big deal after Michelle Obama also joined the live battle.

And not only, Michelle but there were also others by the likes of “Spike Lee”, “Janet Jackson” and many other celebrities are there.’

Whose Side You Are Going to Choose?

These so-called Instagram battles have become very famous these days as the pandemic has made it tough to go outside and have the fun which we used to have.

The battle became pretty hyped when Michelle Obama joined the scenario. It was one of the battles from Saturday Night Live and it seems that Michelle was really a fan of these two.

As she requested them to have some of the battles from the songs which she always wanted to ask them to perform and even she tagged her famous husband Barack Obama.

Even Rapper Timbaland was unable to keep his horses in control and commented a long yesssss to affirm his interest in the battle.

There are other celebrities also there who were also able to join the battle of COVID 19 like RZA, Babyface and DJ Premier.

Each and every one of them appreciated the whole battle thing and even the participants of the battle were also seemed to be very happy and satisfied as they also showed their gratitude by posting “Thank You to one and all and without a doubt, it was a fun battle quite adorable and funny” Jill posted this one.

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The Commotion Is Huge

The pandemic has been creating havoc since it was first introduced by China and even though we would love to go outside and play around we just can’t do that.

As the number of victims and casualties is something which we are unable to neglect and as the whole thing has converted each and every country into a victims dump yard.

The countries are also facing a hell lot of shortage in almost everything including food and economy which has become the main focus in the shortage list.