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Entry of an intriguing new Love interest of Joker, let’s find out who she is.

Joker's new girlfriend Punchline;

Batman artist Jorge Jimenez described Joker’s new girlfriend Punchline as Harley Quinn’s opposite – she’s “silent,” “sexy,” and “terrifying.”

What is joker’s new girlfriend be like?

Joker’s new girlfriend Punchline;

Jorge Jimenez- batman artist stated that Punchline is way too different than Harley Quinn. According to him she is quite yet appealing and apprehensive. She is someone whom one should be scared of. And the most interesting part is that she is going to be the new girlfriend of Joker.

People are very much excited about this new character Punchline, even though it has not even made her debut in the comic. But the makers have uncovered some of the things about her character. They have released her first look about how she looks like. But somehow the creator of the character Jorge Jimenez has revealed some of the interesting details about the character.

She is poles apart with Harley Quinn..

He unraveled some details which indicate the fact that Punchline is far more different than Harley Quinn. The comparison is being made between the two because Harley Quinn is the former girlfriend of the Joker.

Jimenez has incredibly examined that saying that it could be seen as one of the messed up Archie Comic. Here joker could be seen as Archie, Harley Quinn as Betty and Punchline as veronica. The sketcher has compared Punchline to a fallen angel which had fallen on joker’s shoulder. Jimenez further added that in this whole scenario, Harley could be understood as the heavenly attendant which is kind of wild.

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Punchline character could be described as someone who finds murdering individual fascinating. Jimenez depicted her as someone who is very well in ending anything so well which contrast her personality with joker so well.

If you think of Punchline as a regular girlfriend then maybe you are all wrong

Punchline looks very frightening, whenever she smirks. The wild girl smirked with a closed mouth. She enjoys murdering people. And one can say that murdering individual is her hobby and this is what she is best at. She could be called as outrageous too. But joker finds her really attractive as in she seems really amusing to him. Punchline has a dark personality which makes her hot and appealing than Harley as she is all about vitality and enthusiasm.

According to the character described about Punchline, people could feel disappointed if expecting a damaging force dynamic on this portrayal. She would be regarded as equally screwed and psycho executioner as her partner joker.

If you want to be at peace you definitely need not to upset her, which you would find very connective with the joker. You will be able to enjoy their strange chemistry well as Punchline is someone who kind of seems interesting and intriguing and we could not wait more to see her now.