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Enen No Shounoutai Season 2 Cast, Release Date, Plot and Updates

Enen No Shounoutai aka Fire Force is a Japanese Manga series. Atsushi Okuba is the creator of this Manga series. This Manga series is in 22 tonkobon volumes. Fire of force aka Enen No Shounoutai series is based on dark fantasy, science, and fiction. As a result, it is an animated series. This series is serialized in the magazine, named, Weekly Shonen Magazine, which is published by Kodansha.

Release Date of the Series Enen No Shounoutai Season 2

Coming to season 2 of Enen No Shounoutai, there is no any confirmation about the release date. But, this season 2 may stream in the month of July 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a bad impact on the release date of Enen No Shounoutai season 2. When the situation becomes normal, the developers would announce the release date.  But, the season 1 gained millions of viewers, Approximately, there were 2.3 millions of Enen No Shounoutai Season 1.

Cast of Enen No Shounoutai Season 2 :

Firstly, the cast, named, Arthur Boyle is a third-gen firefighter at the Special Fire Force Company 8. Next, Takehisa Hinawa is the second character. After that the third cast is Iris. She Iris is a sister of the Holy Sol Temple who later becomes a member of the Special Fire Force Company 8. Next, Tamaki Kotatsu is the fourth character. The following character is Shinra. Next, Akitaru Oubi is the sixth cast of the series. He is the captain of the Special Fire Force Company 8. After that, Maki is the last leading character.

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Plot of Enen No Shounoutai Season 2 :

Due to spontaneous human combustion, many humans turned into walking infernos in the year 198 of Solar Era in Tokyo. The boy, named, Shinra Kusakabe possess the property to manipulate the flames. At the same time, he can retain his human form also. This boy works in the fire department. He and his co-workers help all other infernals. But, later he started encountering infernals. Shinra tries to find the mysteries of his past. Later, he realizes that his job is very dangerous.

Coming to season 1, you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Enen No Shounoutai Season 1 released on July 6, 2019. It consisted of a total 24 episodes. Also, the second season includes 24 episodes. All the episodes of season 1 were full of action. But, the second season will be adventurous and will be full of action as well. The production of season 2 is still in the process. The trailer of season 2 is not out yet. But, it will be releasing soon. People loved season 1. They are expecting that season 2 will be very exciting and adventurous.