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Emily Giffin Meghan Markle Apologies Over a Call

After the development of internet, public truly have got a forum to express their views. Be it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, people are adept at expressing their views. Effective solutions of some huge problems are also found over these social media posts. But sometimes with the freedom granted to the people are misconstrued in a very harmful manner. This leads to verbal wars and rows over the Internet. Leading to lawsuits of several million dollars. One such thing happened between Emily Giffin and Meghan Markle recently.

What Did Emily Say to Meghan?

Meghan had recently posted a video of her son Archie reading a book. She was actually making her read the boom word by word. The proceeds which the views from the video generated would go towards a charity for children. However Emily was very insulted after watching this video. She went onto Instagram and posted that this was psuedo feminism being portrayed by Meghan. An American of mixed origin had been lucky enough to become a member of the Royal family household. She also said that previously Meghan had asked Archie to be kept away from public eye. But now she herself was showing her baby to be without clothes and reading a book, which to her was a show of public disregard.

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Why Did Emily Apologize to Meghan?

After posting these comments, Emily found out that they was a backlash against her. She was being trolled in the media for being rude and mean to the Dutchess of Cambridge. Also lending fire to the controversial topic of racism and caste biasness. In an apologetic post later Emily clarified that she did not want to hurt the sentiments of the Americans. Neither was her intention to demean a particular race if people and their culture. But her intentions was completely different from that of the impact that her posts had. Thus, she apologized to Meghan over a phone call and now the issue has seemed to get subsided for the time being.

What Did Meghan Have to Say About the Issue?

Meghan handled the entire incident in a very matured manner. She said there have been misconceptions on part of the comments made by Emily. Thus, she remarked that the statements be taken back as the intention was completely non harmful behind it.