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Elvis Presley Grandson Suicide Benjamin Keough Passes Away at 27

Elvis Presley: the name resonates with excellence for a generation of people. The first man who became a global pop sensation through his music and dance. Many around the world have rated him as the greatest Rockstar of the 20th century, even a cut above Michael Jackson. He has served as an inspirational role model to many in the music industry. Sad news follows the world now along with the current circumstances surrounding the Pandemic. His only grandson, Benjamin Keough has passed away recently.

Benjamin Keough Passes Away

Elvis Presley had only one grandson. His marriage to Priscilla Presley had given him a daughter. Her name was Marie Ann Presley. Marie had two daughters and a son named Benjamin. In recent reports, Benjamin passed away in his apartment recently. Police have discovered his body and investigations are on. By the looks of it, it seems that he has committed suicide. A self-inflicted wound made by a gunshot was found in his body. Benjamin was only 27 years old.

What Was Annie Marie’s Reaction?

Annie’s manager had confirmed the news to the media. Marie is completely devasted and shocked after hearing the news of his son’s death. She said that the loss was irreparable and that she shared a very close bond with her only son. This loss has left her completely heartbroken and shell shocked. It is an emotional trauma that she says that she will never be able to overcome. However, she has tried to stay strong for the sake of her daughter and her other grandchildren.

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What Was the Cause of Benjamin’s Fame?

Benjamin did not appear in the media very much. He though had released some music videos and had acted in a few movies. His starling resemblance to his grandfather’s face was a thing of awe. Even his mother said that the resemblance that he had with his maternal grandfather was uncanny. Several photographs have leaked in the media which confirms her viewpoint. It seems that the locked-up environment and family tensions were a big reason for him to commit suicide. Elvis too had died at the tender age of 42 in the year 1977.