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Ellen DeGeneres SLAMMED with $500 MILLION DIVORCE by Portia de Rossi amid Adoption Battle

Ellen DeGeneres is undoubtedly one of the most popular names in the American Television history. The host of the Ellen DeGeneres show, she has been one of the most popular talk show host in the last two decades. Her show has aired for around 20 years now with thousands of episodes during this tenure. Almost all the global Hollywood superstars have appeared on her show for a chit chat. However it is not her professional life but her private life that is a cause of concern for now.

Marital Issues between Ellen and Portia

Ellen and Portia De Rossi have been married for over a decade now. The continuously brewing love between the couple has been on display on many ocassion. However rumors were that Portia and Ellen’s relationship was slowly arriving at a breaking point. Portia complained that Ellen was a workaholic and was always involved with her professional life and anchoring career. She never paid attention to her private life and was neglecting Portia’s presence as well. Portia had expressed her desire to end this marriage.

Child Adoption

Ellen thought that they might just adopt a child. They knew that having a normal baby by any means was not possible. Thus they thought that adopting a baby might save their marriage from breaking down. A pure and innocent soul would be like a tying knot for their relationship and would help them avoid the impending doom. But De Rossi was adamant about not wanting to have a baby. Thus they both decided to drop the decision through mutual discussions.

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How is the marriage situation now?

The marriage situation is now at a stable state. It seems that the couple have sorted out the issues between themselves and have begun on a fresh note. Ellen in her recent comments said that they do not require a child at this stage, which she initially felt that they did. Their animals are just like their child. They have 4 dogs and 3 cats. DeGeneres said in a recent interview that animals can be the closes thing to God. Ellen is a massive animal lover with her extinct animals initiative, a massive incentive for endangered species on Earth surface.