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Ellen DeGeneres Slammed With $500 Million Divorce By Portia De Rossi Amid Adoption Battle

Ellen DeGeneres a very famous American show host who has her own show is going to adopt a baby along with her partner. The name of her show is ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and it had gained her a lot of fame and recognition all around the world. Apart from being a TV host, Ellen is also a comedian, actor, writer, and producer.

Reportedly, the 62 years old is planning to adopt a child after almost a decade of her marriage with Portia De Rossi. The couple has decided to get a baby amid the lockdown. According to the sources, the couple’s relationship was falling apart and they were planning to divorce. The reason for their divorce was that Ellen is a workaholic. Ellen works too much and as they say, she likes to work more than spending quality time with the family.

The couple is expecting to fix the broken pieces of their relationship by adopting a child. Having a child might be=ring them as closely as they were in the beginning and this might help them glue the broken pieces. Actually, Ellen was keener on adopting a kid and she convinced her partner. The couple is now looking and talking to many agencies too.

However, Portia seems to dodge the questions about her divorce with Ellen. She says these were rumors and they actually never wanted to be apart and file for any divorce.
Ellen’s love for the kid is known by all of us. Even she says that she loves kids and wants to adopt one in the future.

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The couple might not have any kids of their own as of now. but they do have pets. they own 4 dogs and 3 cats and as Ellen says, animals are the closest thing to God.
We can’t wait to have the couple a kid of their own.

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