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Elite Season 3: It’s coming sooner than expected!

What is the release date of season 3?

Netflix just confirmed that Élite is all set to return on March 13 for season 3. After the great success of the first two seasons, eventually, this season will have high expectations. Netflix shared the new teaser of the show on Instagram. The third season will highlight two modern cast members. Fan favorites like Lu, Carla, Sam, and Polo coming back for their ancient traps. “I have no idea how much more money will the series cost. Also, I have the sense the series achieved a leap in quality” Montero said.

Who will be in Élite season 3?

Expósito shared a recent video from Élite’s Instagram handle already showcased many things. Mainly, there will be two new casts in season 3. Newcomers Leïti J. Yeray and Malick named characters will be played by Sene and Sergio Momo. Sene could be an artist born in Barcelona with small earlier acting involvement. However, with that major disclosure, it was clear that the cast of season 2 is going to be the same in season 3. From counting unique casts like Lu, Carla, Polo, Nadia, Ander, Guzmán and Omar.

Élite season 3 plot: What will happen?

The repercussions of Marina’s kill were still felt all through season 2 and they’ll continue to cause waves on their return. In the season 2 finale, it was found that it was Polo who murdered one of Spain’s elite students. Also, it is very obvious that another part will focus on the school’s response to this news. Moreover, there is going to be a new perspective for justice in the series. Guzmán and Samuel in specific will have everyone to be captivated. It is given that their relationship with both Marina and Polo will be effected.

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All thanks to Danna Paola’s Instagram Stories, we know that season 3 there will include graduation. Moreover, It’s safe to accept that the most cast in these ones graduating. Considering how all the celebration’s conclusion on this will be showcased in the show. We won’t be surprised to see that something goes wrong or unexpected in graduation.