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Elder Scroll Season 6: Latest Updates, Release Date and Which Platfrom It’s Going to Release?

All of the Elder Scrolls series has been very successful. Elder Scrolls series has had the same pattern. They are role-playing video games produced by none other than Bethesda. Bethesda has created other successful games like Fallout. The Elder Scrolls series is very popular. Bethesda has sold more than 50 million copies of the game. Elder Scrolls 6 is under development right now!

Success of the Previous Elder Scroll Games

Elder Scrolls 5 came out a long time ago and people are still playing it. Some fans have invested thousands of hours in the game. There is no lack of stuff to do and find. The first game of the series came out in 1994. There have been 5 main games of the series and a lot of DLCs are available too. The series is set in medieval times where there are evil and mysterious entities. It is a role-playing fantasy game.

The fourth game of the series was called Oblivion, i.e., ‘Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion’. The latest title of the series is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It released in 2011. There have been many dlc for the game and fans to buy. It was a huge success for Bethesda. As a result, the estimated total sales of Elder Scrolls V were around $450 million!

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When Is Elder Scrolls 6 Releasing?

Todd Howard showed a teaser trailer in 2018 during E3. Everyone cheered and became very excited for the upcoming game. It was clearly stated that it will be launching in this decade. Now that PS5 and Xbox X are on their way. We might just see some more of the upcoming game. Maybe, Bethesda was just waiting on the next gen consoles to be out and becoming common. That would be the perfect time to release a brand-new game.

To sum up, the release date was not really announced. We might see Elder Scrolls 6 launching after 2020. There is not a lot of hope for this year’s E3 but who knows, maybe the pandemic will leave us for a couple of days. We will just have to patiently wait on the developers and believe in Bethesda.