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Ekta Kapoor Speaks on the Army Controversy Where Hindustani Bhau Asked Her to Apologize to the Army

Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Pathak, had lodged a complaint against the famous Indian television producer Ekta Kapoor for a controversial scene in her ALT: Balaji Web series named XXX: Uncensored. The former Big Boss contestant had accused her of being an anti-national and disrespecting the Indian Army.

The web series showed an episode where women call her boyfriend and are having a physical relationship with him. The women are married and her husband is away with the Indian Army. Meanwhile, her boyfriend wears her husband’s uniform and later, it shows that she tears up the uniform to have fun.

Against which Hindustani Bhau said that our Army is our pride and he is angry that the shameful act has been shown against our soldiers.

Since then, Hindustani Bhau has been getting numerous phone calls from many “big people” requesting him to sit and talk out the issue.

Ekta Kapoor Responds to the Controversy!

Ekta Kapoor has reportedly denied apologizing in the matter. After the complaint, she and her mother are getting various rape threats, she said.

“This gentleman who thinks that he’s the ‘patriot of the year’ decided to come out there, abuse my mother and me. And now, he has openly put a rape threat on a social platform. This is now no longer about the Army or sexual content because the idea of this is ‘rape a girl, rape her son, rape her 71-year-old mother’ for making sexual content. It means sex is bad but rape is okay.”, she said in an interview with Shobhaa De.

The scene has been removed from the episode since then and she will now stand up for cyberbullying, she added.

She assured everyone that she has huge respect for the Indian Army and will always be grateful for their significant contribution to the nation’s security. If any such demands come from the bonafide army institution, she would tender an unconditional apology.

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