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EDV 2021 Results Will Be out Today

Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) is the public procured document to gain access to the United States of America. Lottery entries are held every year on a particular date. This is done to check the immigration status of those who want to apply for citizenship in the country. These lotteries take place every year on a scheduled date.

Delay in EDV Results

This year the date of publishing the results was initially decided on May 5th, 2020. But we all know how the Coronavirus Pandemic has led to the disruption of all activities in the state. A possible reschedule has taken place regarding the publishing of this result as well. Now June 6th, 2020 is the date when the EDV Results would be published. If you want to check the lottery status you can visit the official page of Entrant Status Check. From noon onwards on 6th June, you can actually find out if your application for citizenship and green card has been approved or not.

Immigration Status Due to Coronavirus

Due to the Coronavirus situation, all state and national borders were closed. Possible re-entry of people to the States has till then been suspended as well. It was long before this period that other immigrants holding work visas were not allowed citizenship in the country. Citizenship acts were made stringent by the Donald Trump Administration. This they did in order to stop the influx of Mexican migrants into the country. The USA government has also stopped people from applying for H1B visas. Thus obtaining permanent citizenship status in the country has become even more arduous and difficult.

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Immigration Frauds

These drastic steps taken by the government has not come out of this year. Over the years the number of fraud cases in immigration status has increased manifold. People who have not been granted citizenship post false records as State Government officials. They create their own webpage where they provide falsified information about themselves. You should always be aware of all such lottery scams. Sometimes the tele calling option is also used by these fraudsters. They call you and ask about your bank and Demat account details. Then they use their unethical hacking abilities to siphoned funds from your account balance.