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Edenville Dam Fail County Residents Advised to Evacuate

The residents who are living at the areas which are impacted or to be impacted have been asked to evacuate. These are the residents who are living below the Edenville dam and Sanford dam.

The Cause

During this Monday and Tuesday, there has been continuous heavy rainfall which resulted in an increase in the water level of the Tittabawassee River. As the water rose, the Edenville dam broke. This happened at around 6 p.m. An area of the dam broke because of the heavy rainfall resulting in flash flood.

Ryan Kaleto, a pilot, recorded a video of the dam breaking. The video also shows the water pouring down and going into Sanford Lake increasing its water level.

Measures taken

Right after this incident, the residents who were living in Edenville and its surrounding areas were asked to evacuate and go out of the town. The warning for the flash flood came from the NWS.

Their warning told people to prepare for the flash floods and evacuate as soon as possible. Besides this, they explained to them, the cause of the evacuation and the severity.

There will be an emergency announcement about the cause and the complications. This has to be done to bring about the resources required to stop this. Two areas which could have been affected by the flash floods have been closed off.

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Teams have been created to help the people to evacuate. Also, they will help in creating and implementing strategies to control this situation.

Warning for the residents

According to the advisors, the residents of Edenville and its surrounding areas have to evacuate. Besides this, the flash flood could also go through Sanford Dam and travel even more distance. Either find a higher level or evacuate at once. If you do not have a place to go then you should go to the Midland Mall or the Midland High School.

If you need to make a call for help in an evacuation, do it but no other call should be made.

It is not just the flash floods, the power is also out in some areas around Midland. According to NWS, the water level of the river is expected to go up to 38 feet.