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Earth’s ozone layer is recovering, bringing good news on climate change

The earth’s ozone layer above Antarctica has been drastically recovering which is bringing good result for the changes in the southern hemisphere’s atmosphere.

According to a new study on climate change the Montreal Protocol, the agreement was done in the year 1987 for making efforts to control the environmental adverse changes that have lead to depleting ozone layer.

This agreement was done to take a step forward for controlling the situation of ozone layer depleting by restricting the production of ozone-depleting substances (ODSs). This substance is responsible for creating the obstacle in changing air currents around the southern hemisphere.

The fast air current that moves around the earth at high altitudes is called jet streams. Before the end of the century due to ozone depletion, the southern jet was driving this lead to climate change like rainfall patterns and the potential of ocean current.

After a decade more protocols among the countries were signed this caused a sudden pause in migration of jet stream. The fact reveals the reason for the reverse change in climate and in southern migration of jet stream was Montreal Protocol.

The sudden change in the jet stream has increased the risk of drought in Australia. That’s the reason behind the lowest receive of rainfall in southern Australia over the last thirty years. According to a chemist from the University of Melbourne Ian Rae, the ozone layer is recovering now and the circulation is moving in the north rather than moving in the south that is the good news for the environment.

Since 1982 last year the ozone hole of The Antarctic has hit its smallest annual peak, this record is responsible for mild temperatures in layers of the atmosphere. In a recent year this was reported that the chemical from industries of china is largely affecting the ozone.


Thus, the global risk and adverse environment changes are controlled by the immediate actions through the agreement done in Montreal Protocol to pause the damages and risk rise by the effect of greenhouse gas is a reminder that such action will simply not serve the purpose.


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