Dylan O’Brien Talks About His Recreation of the Viral Video ‘the Social Network’ and His Experience During ‘Love and Monsters’ Filming

Dylan O’Brien is a 29 years old actor, who is known for the lead roles in Maze runner and the Teen wolf. He was also seen in the The First time and American Assassin and showed up for the supporting roles in The internship and the deepwater horizon. He has been always interested into movies from his childhood and it was already decided to be in movie’s.

What about the current release of Dylan O’Brien “love and monster’s”

Dylan O’Brien has starred as Joel, the main lead of the movie. Everyone is living in underground colonies, as the world is under control of dangerous monsters. Joel’s high school gf is in another colony and after 7 year’s of distance, joel decides to look for his gf and face many monsters and problems along with his buddy dog. As the movie seems to be really interesting everyone is looking forward to it.

Dylan shared his experience about the movie as he said ” Filming with the dog was the best part, I was super excited but also I was like it would be crazy if I can’t even interact with the dog .What if it’s like super professional or I can’t even have a normal relation with it”.

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How the recreation of The social network made sensational hit on internet

As the whole world is under the risk of corona virus and every studio and filming was shut. Dylan felt like he shouldn’t just sit at home and do nothing. He tried to make recreation of The social network and released it, which turned out to be a hit. Dylan O’Brien plays the  Andrew Garfield’s role Eduardo Saverin. He nailed this role this much that even Garfield responded to it and loved the video even though he’s not much on social media.

Dylan said he just didn’t want to sit and waste all that time by lying. He wanted to utilize this time to work on his skills and Also entertain his fans who are worried due to corona outbreak.