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Drive to Survive Season 2 releases on Netflix on 28th February 2020 !

Formula 1 fans should keep everything aside on 28th February as Drive to Survive Season Two will be premiered on 28th February 2020.

Drive to Survive is an documentary TV series made in collaboration with Netflix and Formula 1. James Gay-Rees, Paul Martin and Sophie Todd are executive producers of the series by Box to Box films.

First season of Drive to Survive aired on Netflix on 8th March 2019. First season covered up all the events that happened behind the scenes in Formula One World Championship 2018. First season aired in 10 episodes.

The documentary brought every little thing that happened in Formula One World Championship. It shows audience the scenes in the cockpits, paddocks, lives of players as well as team owners and Formula 1’s Management team.

Release Date

Formula one announced in June 2019 that second season of Drive to Survive will premiere in 2020. It is scheduled to be on air on 28th February. Season season will also be in 10 parts with all the 10 teams.

What will Happen in season 2 ?

In first season we didn’t get to see Ferrari and Mercedes as both teams opted out. This season both the big teams are going to participate and this is not a assumption. Trailer of season two confirmed them being in the show.

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As every team and every player has decided to participate this year, we will get to see more dramatic and interesting event we might have missed during last season. We might get to see The Rich Energy Fiasco, Mercedes’ worst race, Ferrari’s disastrous championship pursuit, Carlos Sainz Jr.’s first ever podium, and Pierre Gasly’s promotion and demotion.


Trailer for second season has been released. You can check it out here.

No matter how sincerely you follow the Formula 1 championships or the news regarding the game, you are ought to miss out inside stories. Drive to Survive fulfills that void for sure.