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Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date, Trailer Cast, Plot Details Here All the things we know

Hey, I’ve come back with a new coming Netflix series DRAGON PRINCE COMING BACK , named Earth.

Introduction Of Dragon Prince

The dragon prince is a computer-animated web television series the full of fantasy, adventure, action, and comedy-drama. The story consists of four-season:-

  • Season 1. Moon
  • Season 2. Sky
  • Season 3. Sun
  • Season 4. Earth

Creator Of Dragon Prince

Aaron Ehasz, Justin Richmond.

Story Of The Previous Season

Dragon Prince 
Dragon Prince Season 4

THE show is based on the fantasy world with the element of magic of Xadia.

There was a time when humans, dragons and other creatures live together happily.

There were peace and love all around. Xadia is rich in magic which is derived from six natural elements are sun, moon, stars, earth, sky, and ocean.

However the human is unable to do the magic naturally and they began to use black magic, which is created on sacrificing the life of another creature, as consequences of this the continent was split into two by a river of lava.

In the second season, the advisor of human of the human king the dark mage Viren used his powers to war against the Xadia.

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Callum is the first human to use the power of the sky directly. At the end of the season Viren is imprisoned for abusing the black magic.

In the third season, Viren’s army is defeated by the elves and their men.

Details Of the Fourth Season

Caterpillar evolved into humanoid and become a character or puppet which is controlled by Aaravos in prison.

Is It Released Or Not?

Dragon Prince Season 4
Dragon Prince Season 4

The season 4 is not released yet. It is expected that it will air in May 2020.

It is not official date but the author and producer are talking about that the fourth season will be aired soon, so seeing the record of previous season’s we are just making an estimation about the date.

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Suggestion For Dragon Prince Season 4

For a better understanding of season 4, you should watch the previous season of this series. The series is available on Netflix.

All the previous seasons consist of 9 episodes. The first series was aired on 10, July 2018, the second season was aired on 15, February 2019, the third season was aired on 22, November 2019.

Casts Dragon Prince Season 4

  • Jack De Sena
  • Sasha Rojen
  • Jason Simpson
  • Racquel Belmonte
  • Jesse Inocalla
  • Paula
  • Erik Dellums

Final Words

The show received positive reviews in the previous season. Hoping that this season also filled with full of thriller and fun.

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