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Dragon Prince Season 4 Here Is the Confirm Premiere Date and Plots Leaks

The Dragon Prince is an American Animated tv series. Dragon Prince was first released on Netflix in 2018. The show is produced by Wonderstorm. It was created by Justin Richmond. And also, by Aron Ehasz. They worked together on it. As the show began to be popular, it covered three seasons already. Therefore, Dragon Prince season 4 is now on the way for the fans.

Is there a release date for the Dragon Prince season 4?

As of now, the release for the show is not known to us. It is expected that the show’s fourth season will be out this May. However, the ongoing pandemic might affect this date. We do not know for sure as of right now. We will have more information soon.

Who will be in the cast of Dragon Prince season 4?

The main characters will be same as in the third season. Besides that, the story will be continued from where the third season ended.

Callum will be voiced by Jack Desena. Ezran and Rayla will be voiced by Sasha Rojen and Paula Burrows respectively. Viren will be voiced by Jason Simpson and Calandra will be voiced by Racquel Belmonte. Soron will be voiced by Jesse Inocolla. King Harrow and Queen Sarai will be voiced by Luc Roderique and Kazumi Evans.

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What will be the plot for Dragon Prince season 4?

The third season of The Dragon Prince ends showed us the defeat of human world. It was done did by the elves and their allies. Rayla tries to kill Viren. All the while, Claudia, his daughter, saved his life by the use of dark magic.

As mentioned above that Viren’s army has been defeated. However, Claudia uses black magic to cure him. We could see some turmoil between him and his children due to the use of dark magic. It is said to be pretty bad in every show that has been made which involves magic.

Besides this, the plot of the fourth season pretty uncertain for now. We don’t have a trailer or even a teaser as of now. However, the creators are not announcing much yet. The release is not too far now, we can be patient. We hope to get a teaser or a trailer soon enough.

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