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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61 All You Need to Know

Dragon Ball Z has been an absolute rage among teenagers. For decades now, this comics series has been the epitome of success in the world of anime. Millions of teens around the world have been fantasized by the action sequences shown throughout the entire duration of the comics. With Goku and Vegeta grabbing the most number of eyeballs, there have been scores of other important characters as well who have defined new standards for the show. This epic saga will release Chapter 61 and fans can’t wait for it.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61: Plot

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61, we will get to know many more important details about the show. We are now aware that an extraterrestrial warrior has graced the lands with unimaginable powers. Goku too has been unable to match him in strength and endurance capabilities. Thus we would see a clash of epic proportions in this episode. Moto will go at loggerheads with Vegeta. Vegeta has proved to some of the hardcore fans of the Manga Comics, about his contribution to the popularity. It is now a proven conclusion that Vegeta is undoubtedly more powerful than Goku. Thus, we will see how Vegeta fairs with Moro. Hope is that Moro will be defeated and order will be restored to the realm. However, it seems that the task would be unimaginably difficult. This is because Moro has powers of unmatched proportions. Such strength has seldom been witnessed by any of the heroes in the realm.

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61: Release Date

This latest version of the Manga Comics would be releasing on June 20, 2020. There was a slight conjecture initially about the release date. All this took place because if the uncertain situation surrounding the global pandemic. However, that issue has been resolved and we are sure that the chapter would be releasing on the designated date.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 61: Excitement for the fans

Dragon Ball Z has been the premium content of Manga Comics for a long time now. It has been the flagship comic series that has earned scores of admirers worldwide. With the constantly evolving world of anime, Dragon Ball Z has firmly held its ground. It can surely be called the torchbearer for the world of anime and it’s the successful transformation to the world of Television.

The extreme popularity of the Dragon Ball franchise is sure to drive the show miles towards stardom. Goku and Vegeta will emerge as two real powerhouses.