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Dracula Season 2: Will the Count of Transylvania Be Back With His Horror? Know It’s Latest Updates

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Netflix really made an effort for Dracula. The show gained a lot of popularity after it was released. People really liked the concept of the show. Especially, the fact that Dracula was in this century. All the stories portrayed him during the 18th or the 17th century. However, this one really went deep with the story. There were only 3 episodes but they were worth it.

Even though, there have been a lot of changes in the theme but the fact is that the series still gave the feel of Dracula, the original one. We saw the creepy Count doing his deeds but with a twist. The creators of this show are Mark Gattis and Steven Moffat.

Moffat is the one behind Doctor Who and Sherlock. That is why, the expectations were really high for Dracula. The great thing about them is that they made something unique but at the same time respected the original creators.

What Do People Think of Dracula Season 2 ?

The people and the critics really liked the show. Some did not like it but everyone has a right to share their opinions. However, majority of the people did like the first season. According to the critics, the old characters were respected but at the same time, new characters were introduced perfectly. For instance, Dr. Sharma was a fascinating character.

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Even the Count added fun to the show. Agatha’s quirky jokes kept the balances and the Count’s charm really kept it all in peace. Steven has always been good with the writing of the characters.

When Is Dracula Season 2 Releasing?

Even though, the series was announced back in 2017, the first season actually came out in January 2020. However, if there is a season 2, we will get to see it most probably during 2022. That is because, Netflix will have a lot of work due to the delays in its shows this year.

Main Cast of Dracula Season 2

Some characters are unforgettable and so are their actors. Here, the two character we are talking about are Claes Bang and Dolly Wells. These two were perfect for playing The Count and Zoe/Agatha. Their acting was something to see. It is certainly possible that these two might return for a second season.

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