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Dracula Season 2: Cast, Plot and Release Date Every Single Things You Should Know

After the massive success of Dracula, the question arises. Are we gonna see more of bloodsucking and an immortal beings aka ‘Dracula season 2’ ? This BBC horror drama is based on the novel by Bram Stoker with the same genre. The story revolves around a Dracula whose roots are from Eastern Europe and he is vulnerable to sunlight. All we see is a supernatural creature called Dracula who feeds on blood to stay immortal. Vampire Diaries fans will find this a familiar show and you’ll be compelled to watch it because of its high rating in various sites.
Without further due let’s get into this!

Release date of Dracula 2

For obvious reasons we know that Dracula 2 won’t be coming on Netflix till 2022. The first season which comprised of only 3 episodes, took literally two years to premiere. So hopes are low as it may take time for another season to hit the screen. There is no official announcement but yes we confirm that there will be a new season. The showrunner Mark Gatiss told Radio times, “It’s very hard to kill a vampire. Do you know what I mean? What they do is resurrect”. Co-creator Steven Moffat also told the viewers to wait.

We think that all these little signs by the creators confirms the season 2. But the date is not in news yet.

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Plot of Dracula 2 

Vampires are all about resurrection and we can predict that Dracula will be back in the next season. The three episodes seems full after knowing everything about the relation between Dracula and Van Helsing Family.

After feeding on Zoe who is fatal because of Cancer. Dracula died too which was kinda romantic in a way. But vampires resurrect and so will Dracula. Will he? All these questions will be answered when Dracula 2 hits the screen!


The Dracula on Netflix is played by Claes Bang, John Heffernan played Jonathan Harker, Sister Agatha is played by a british actress Dolly Wells. In the first episode of Dracula, Joanna Scanlan plays the Mother Superior. Mina Harker who is the fiancee of Jonathan is played by Morfydd Clark. The super creepy characters in the storyline build up excitement and add spice to the show.

This vampire show has a sizzling storyline which will entertain the audience at its best. The wait is on for the second season.
Stay tuned for more updates.