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Dr Fauci Has Got Some New Ways to Kill the Deadly Coronavirus

Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the greatest doctors for infectious disease. The doctor previously said that vaccine for coronavirus would be developed soon. The upcoming vaccine is considered as really useful and it is under the phase 3 of testing. Dr. Fauci announced this is a great news in order to get rid of the pandemic all over the World. It was known that new vaccine would be helpful in removing coronavirus from the World. It was an amazing news for the entire nation as well as World.

Not only this, Dr. Anthony also told various things regarding coronavirus. He told that isolation is very necessary for the people to follow. Social distancing is one good way to take as a precaution. He somehow said that being health officials, he and his colleagues must open their mind in order to grasp knowledge from various sources and be open to this new knowledge to produce more healthy output. He said that health officials must stay humble too.

He suggested that keeping children away from education is not an option. The main aim is the attentive attitude towards safety of the children. He divided areas into three zones : Green zone, yellow zone as well as red zone.

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Green zone areas must have their schools opened with complete care and attention. Yellow areas where care is still necessary should be careful. And red zone areas, they should not rush to open schools, they should give time in order to get the conditions better.

Among this, he said that people who were infected or are infected by disease, must take special care about their treatment, and isolation.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is a great doctor having so much of knowledge. Entire nation believes him and we all hope, he will get the nation better soon.