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Dr Anthony Fauci Says It Will Not Be a Big Deal If Coronavirus Patients Increase to 100000 a Day

The Coronavirus Pandemic has impacted the world like no other epidemic ever. With close to 100 million affected cases, it is growing exponentially to become the worst epidemic in the history of humanity. Not only has it disrupted the health and well being of scores of people, but it has crippled economies as well. With all Activities at a standstill for the last four months, revenue generation for country-based economies has been nil thus bringing devastating consequences into play. One of the worst affected countries has been the present epicenter of the virus, the United States of America.

What did Anthony Fauci say?

Dr. Anthony S. Fauci is the lead and chief of the Infectious diseases department of the States. He is the supreme authority on the pandemic front. Fauci in his recent statements have remarked that daily cases might spike to around 100000 within a few days. Thus he has sounded a note of bitter caution to the people who are taking the quarantine measures lightly and are moving around without protection. He ordered and requested the state authorities to close the bars, where people could mingle around and further expose them to the Coronavirus. Epidemic Daily count in the country has increased exponentially in the last two weeks.

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What did Dr. Robert Redfield say?

Dr. Robert Redfield is one of the commanding authorities about the virus in the country. He has also echoed the sentiments of the statements made by Fauci. He said that if the epidemic could not be stopped by any means necessary, it would lead to complete health and economic breakdown in America. He urged the State Senate to look into the issue and take stern steps in this regard. Both these statements made from the Capitol Hill sound the warning knell for the people of America. With Donald Trump’s constant urge to lower the infection rates by less testing, that idea has failed miserably as of now.

States Impacted Recently From the Virus

States like Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas have seen huge spike in the cases. Bars and eateries in Texas have been shut down completely. That has led to protests from a group of Americans who have gone about holding violent protests and vandalizing the shops and other social gathering platforms.