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Doom Eternal: Release Date, Gameplay Reviews, Ratings and Many More

Who does not want to play video games? It is a phenomenon which is now not only to restricted to budding teenagers. Adults and Grown ups also prefer to have a go at the gaming devices. Single Person Shooter are perhaps the most entertaining genre of the games. In a mission based game, you can strategize and move towards completion. However in single person shooter, there is loads of action and abundance of goodies associated with it.

One of the newest games that is going around the blocks is Doom Eternal. A House of Dead format game, it basically involves a lot of supernatural shooting and destruction stuff.

Doom Eternal: Gameplay

The gameplay of the show is very well formatted and drafted. There is a legendary warrior who is entrusted with the responsibility of saving Earth. He has to encounter the villain characters, beastly monsters from hell. As you kill off each and every monster the level of difficulty increases. Newer monsters with more beastly abilities appear on the game.

There are basically different mode of playing the game- Marauder and Doom Hunterer, Archive and Elemental Monsters. You can also use of a variety of weapons in guns, pistols, shotguns, knife, assault rifles, RPG and Missile Launchers. A destruction mode is also added when an enemy self destructs after it is severely injured. There is a resting zone or room made. You can wait in the lobby there as you can change your clothes and your firearms.

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Doom Eternal: Where Will It Release?

The game is set to release on a variety of platforms. These include PlayStation, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Personal Computer. Official Versions of the game are available in the market now. All you have to do is to install it insert the key and start playing this awesome game.

Doom Eternal: Reviews, Ratings and Release Date

A lot of positive reviews garnered the game. It was appreciated for its much enhanced mechanics, modern gameplay modes and innovative character sketch. It received a 5/5 on tech radar and scored really high on the other gaming platforms. Game released on 20th March 2020. People locked in quarantine have been delighted to play this game sitting in their homes.