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Don’t Believe In The Fake News Regarding “President Of Russia Drops Lion And Tiger” For Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading all over the world and creates a threat to the government of every country and also for the people.

Everyone is stressing over this no one knows how to control the situations. Because of this many fake news is also going and by this everyone is stressing more.

The government of every country declares the rule of lockdown in their country to decrease the chain of coronavirus, as no one goes out of their house in the lockdown situation except the people who have some important work.


But after declaring the lockdown situation by the government many people are not following this rule and because of this news is going viral in Russia that the Russian president is dropping lions and tigers on the road to keep people inside their home.

A picture that is going viral in Russia of a lion that is on the road in actual it is the picture of South Africa in 2016.

The picture of the lion is viral in Russia as well as also in other countries. The news is fake this is declared by India today anti-fake news war room.

Not only on social media but this news is also going viral on the news channel and this news creates a great threat between the people that the people stop going out of their house also for their important work, after knowing that the news is fake people of Russia is relaxed.

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