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Donny Osmond’s Son Josh Marries Summer Felsted and Are Happy Together

Singer Donny Osmond’s son Josh and Summer Felsted got married recently. The engagement ceremony took place in the private backyard of the singer songwriter’s backyard. Due to the COVID 19 complications, a larger ceremony planned could not be organized. It was done as a private affair with very few and select guests appearing on the day of the wedding. Here’s what the reactions of the people were.

Josh and Summer’s reaction

Josh Osmond is 22 years old and Summer Felsted is 21 years old. Summer said that although the wedding took place in a subdued manner, it could not have been planned in a better way. The fact that it took place in such a secluded manner was a charm in itself. She said that she fell in love with Josh all over again when she saw him walking down the aisle. She decided that she was definitely going to be happy for the rest of her life as she was getting married to the person whom she has loved her entire life. Josh on the equal effigies in her praise for Summer as well. He said that Summer looked like the most beautiful woman on Earth when she was walking down with her wedding gown on. That he would cherish this day forever was very clear with the enthusiasm he expressed while talking about his subdued yet beautiful wedding day.

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Plans for the Future

When asked about their future plans, Josh said that he did not give it a thought as of yet. They would definitely be planning for kids but that too in a couple of years’ time. For now, they would be enjoying each other’s company and the perks of living a married life. They would be investing in each other before they are completely sure about bringing someone else into their family. Both of them also have their respective studies to complete as well.

Donny Osmond’s Reaction

Donny and his wife were extremely happy about seeing their son getting married. They remarked that they had not seen Josh in such a jovial mood in his entire life. They blessed the couple and wished them a very happy healthy and long married life.