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Donald Trump’s Followers and Fans Were All Lined up on the Route at Newport Beach, California, This Sunday as He Was There to Raise Funds

After the fast recovery from corona, President Trump is back to promotion for the president election of America. The elections are going to happen on 3 November. On the last Sunday president Trump appeared for a private fundraiser at tech magul Palmer luckey’s Newport Beach estate in California.

What was the minimum fees paid by fans to attain the fundraisers

There was a minimum limit of $2,800 for an individual to be allowed to enter and $150,000 was charged for a couple entry along with clicking picture with president Donald Trump. It was all legal ceremony as the $2800 was the lowest donation limit and also the higher amount was legalised as the whole amount will be transferred for the Republican National Committee and Republican state parties in battleground states. No media was allowed as many high level fundraiser programs.

What was the scenario at the Newport California

Many Trump supporter appeared asking for ” Four more years of Trump ” Or “vote for democracy”. When few people got interviewed by the reporters, most of them gave the reason for showing up for the issue which is currently going on between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Caucasus mountains. Along with Trump supporter’s some people balso gathered carrying the posters for black lives Matter but no violence was seen.

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Originally this fundraiser was scheduled to happen on 6 October but at that time Trump along with his wife Melania called positive for Corona virus and had to go in quarantine. Even though Trump got the green signal from doctors to attend social gatherings, it was still risky to appear in front of these many people. President Trump was never in favor for taking corona a serious problem and he even showed this by fighting with corona and getting back to normal life this soon.