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Donald Trump Cutting off Funding for the World Health Organization , Is It the Right Decision? Bill Gates Reprimands the Decision

On Tuesday Trump has ordered his administration to stop all its funding for WHO as he as accused WHO to fail in performing in its basic duty and doing favours to China. He said he is not happy in the way WHO handled the coronavirus pandemic. Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates has come forward and has criticised the Trump decision to stop its funding for WHO.

What does Bill Gates say:

He came forward and criticised Trump for his decision by saying that word needs the UN body now more than ever. He said that stopping the funding of the World Health Organization is very dangerous in the current situation. He further added that the World Health Organization is irreplaceable and the efforts of the World Health Organization are slowing the spread of coronavirus. The world needs WHO according to current situation. Bill Gates shared his thought on Twitter.

Why did America stop the funding?

Trump stopped all its funding for the WHO because he accused the WHO of severely mismanaging the epidemic and also that it tried to cover up the spread of coronavirus. He told that the US contributes $400 million to $500 million to the WHO each year whereas China contributes only $40 million. He accused that WHO was slow in alarming the world about the threat of coronavirus and accused it of favouring China. He said that WHO was not able to check the China transparency-related to the spread of coronavirus.

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What is the UN reaction:

United Nation was also surprised by Trump’s move. UN chief Antonio Guterres has condemned Donald Trump’s move and said it is not the time to reduce the resources of the World Health Organisation and said that the organisation is serious about the world effort’s to win the war against coronavirus.