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Dog Soldiers 2 When Will Hit the Screen Is There Any Release Date

There are a hell lot of movies that deserved a sequel but unfortunately, they were unable to get a sequel. There are lots but let’s just talk about one of them which has been able to catch the attention in recent days. “Dog Soldiers”, This one has become one of those movies.

As a horror movie, It was able to impress the fans with the way it was able to tell the whole story. The director of the movie, Neil Marshall’s first movie and after this, he was also able to direct some of the episodes in Westworld, Game of Thrones and Hannibal.

Why This One Is Not Coming on Screen??

Also, movies like ” The Descent” was also able to make people believe his talent as a director. The movie was able to depict the stories of human werewolves. This is one of the most underrated topics within the horror genre in a pretty good way.

The story revolves around a group of soldiers who are posted in the woods of Scotland to do some training but after some period of time, some werewolves out of nowhere and these are animals strong enough to make these soldiers run for their life.

The Reason for Cancelled Sequel

The sequel always planned by someone but eventually, it gets canceled. The second part of the movie which is “Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat”, It was announced that David E. Allen would like to direct the sequel for some reason Marshall wasn’t involved and those who hold the rights for the movie didn’t want David to do the work in 2004.

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Then it roamed to many other directors by the likes of Andy Armstrong,  Michael J. Bassett and Rob Green till 2010, All of them were hired at a point but then they were either thrown or they would bailout. In 2011, Allen again tried to get the rights for a series called ” Dog Soldiers: Legacy” and also was able to work on the sequel and a poster was released too. Still, everything was in vain and for some unknown reason, the production was again canceled. Since then, this one has been unable to get a sequel.