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“Does Jughead Die in Season 4” Riverdale?

Fans love Riverdale because of its characters and the story. The fanbase is so huge that people cannot stop talking about this show. It is filled with mystery and twists. Sometimes, you can’t expect something and then it happens. The show becomes shocking and keeps you engaged throughout its run. Jughead, a character played by Cole Sprouse, was presumed dead in the fourth season.

However, his friends realize that it was Betty. All the evidence points to her and she tries to convince them that she is innocent.

The Evidence Leads to Betty

The evidence of the murder did lead to Betty. During episode 9, we see that Archie goes down to take a look at Jughead’s dead body while Betty stands there with a rock in her hand. She seems shocked and confused. However, in episode 10th, she is with Archie again and is crying because Jughead is dead and he won’t be coming back now. Archie saw how broken she was after the death of Jughead.

Why Did Betty Kill Jughead?

Fans have always loved these two characters because their relationship was revered. Fans were shocked to see that Betty killed him but they also thought about the reason. Betty wouldn’t hurt him so why is she the one. During the 11th episode, Donna told Betty that Evelyn must have controlled her. She could have been hypnotized into killing her boyfriend by hearing a trigger word.

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The Truth About Jughead

Here is some good news for you. Jughead was alive the whole time. He had just faked his own death because of his enemies at Stonewall Prep. Those people were actually going to kill him so he had to do it before them. Besides this, Betty, Veronica and Archie were in on it. They made it seem like it was Betty and convinced everyone that her boyfriend was dead.

There was a fake funeral for him. Also, Archie and Betty showed everyone that they were in a relationship to make everyone think that everything was okay. The three went so far to cover up everything that they paid the coroner. They told him to announce that Jughead was dead. You might be thinking, where was he this whole time? Well, he was secretly living inside the bunker. There you go, now you know what happened to him.

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