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Does Carole Killed Her Husband, All You Need to Know

Tiger King the show which is trending on Netflix in Australia a show which is about Joe Exotic and his journey from being a famous animal breeder to prison. The series has 7 episodes and it features Joe who was a gay cowboy who is a big cat-breeder and his two husbands. The show also showed his arch-rival animal activist Carole Baskin. The show showed Joe Exotic’s journey to prison after his multiple tries to murder his enemy. But the documentary also showed the dark past of Carole Baskin and it raised the suspicion of her involvement in the disappearance of her husband. Some believed that she fed her millionaire husband to her rescue cats.

What dis Carole said about the allegations:

Carole denied the allegations that put up by the documentary and called the claims “salacious and sensational”. Carole released a response letter about Tiger King and said that his husband was mentally disabled before his disappearance. She also denied the claims that her husband was a millionaire and said she was not as rich as he is being portrayed. She claimed that Don’s family has lied about the meat grinder. She ended her letter with the statement that “I never threatened him and I certainly had nothing to do with his disappearance.”

How did Don Lewis disappear:

Don Lewis was Carole Baskin’s second husband and he disappeared in a mysterious way in 1997. They both got married in 1991 and like Exotic Joe’s they both ran a Wildlife on Easy Street, a big cat sanctuary in Tampa, Florida. But their relationship soon got bitter as Don wanted to breed and sell the animals but Carole was against such a business model. The situation between the two got worse as in 1997 as a restraining order was filed against Carole by Don claiming that she has stolen his gun and is threatening to kill him. Then in August 1997, Jon went missing mysteriously.

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What is the evidence against Carole Baskin:

In the documentary, Tiger King number of people have confirmed that Don was scared of his wife. What add to the suspicion is the restraining order filed by Don just before months of disappearance in which he claimed that he was getting death threats from his wife. Plus Gladys who is Don’s first wife told in the documentary that he expressed his fear of his wife in front of her and told her that she is going to leave her which would have resulted in Carole getting nothing. also what adds to the suspicion is the word “disappearance” which is used in the Power of Attorney document and this shows that his death was planned beforehand.