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Does 5G Mobile Network Cause Coronavirus? All You Need to Know the Truth

As the fear of coronavirus is going on increasing, false rumour and fake news about its spread are also going on increasing and the fear is making most of the people believe it. A similar conspiracy theory has surfaced according to which is linking 5G wireless technology to the spread of coronavirus. The rumours are being spread by many celebrities and also by the online troll. The conspiracy theory has its effect in real-world were 20 phone masts have been attacked in the UK.

About the conspiracy theory:

The theory claims that the 5G which is a mobile phone network in which signals are carried by a radio wave is responsible for the spread of coronavirus. The theory made two claims:

1. The first claimed that 5G can suppress the immune system and thus making the people more prone to coronavirus. As we all know the Immune system is the most important thing in the fight against the coronavirus.

2. The other claimed that in some way the virus could be transmitted through the use of 5G technology.

Who Started the Rumours:

The claims got air when the theory was first published in a British newspaper with a headline “Coronavirus: Fears 5G wifi networks could be acting as an accelerator for disease,”. The theory also spread through social networks like Facebook and YouTube. The theory got boost when certain celebrities started to spread the rumours, Actor Woody Harrelson first came forward and shared a text on Instagram that 5G could be accelerating the pandemic. He further wrote, “A lot of my friends have been talking about the negative effect of 5G”. Other celebrities who trusted the theory were Cusack and British television personality Amanda Holden.

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What’s the Reality:

The theory is totally false and has no base, it could be proven from the fact that countries like Iran, India, and Japan are too suffering from coronavirus through these countries have not yet started the 5G services. The radio waves which are involved in 5G and other mobile technology lie in low-frequency range in the electromagnetic spectrum.

These rays are less powerful as compared to visible light and are not capable of damaging the cells. According to Adam Finn, professor of paediatrics at the University of Bristol virus and electromagnetic wave are two different things and in no way can the virus spread through electromagnetic wave.