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Doctor Who Season 13: Plot, Cast, Release Date and Release Date and Who Will Die in Upcoming Season ?

Doctor Who has been credited as the longest running TV show of all time. With 12 seasons behind it, this marathon series has always kept fans engaged. With a multiverse of itself, new characters seem to be a constant for the show.

Minds behind the series confirmed that it would return for a record breaking 13th season, as fans are still not done with it.

Will Doctor Who die in this Season?

Official Confirmation about the plot of this season is still awaited. But the creator of the show has confirmed that they are not done with Doctor Who.
Story of this show is based on a certain variety of arcs. Makers have confirmed that the Timeless Child Arc and the Lone Cyberman Arc will continue bringing Doctor Who to the fore.

In the last season we also saw Doctor Who getting captured in the Judoon Prison, when she was convicted of miscreant behavior. This season we might see how she uses her extraordinary abilities to escape from the prison and reunite with his mates.

Magic, as a theme has been the primary driving force behind the success of this show. This again was acknowledged by the director when he confirmed that Doctor Who would again be seen using her skills to solve crimes and murders.

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Doctor Who Cast Details

Jodie Whittaker will again be seen playing the role of Doctor Who. She has confirmed this via interviews and on social media handles as well.

The characters of Ryan, Yaz and Graham may be wiped off from the show’s premises, since the actors playing those roles will not be a part of this franchise.

Sacha Dhawan has confirmed through her twitter feed that she would be delighted to be re-casted in the role of the Master, she played previously. No reported additions to the cast members will presumably be made.

Doctor Who Season 13 Release Date

Fans won’t be thrilled after hearing this. Last season of the show aired in January 2020. Thus the next timeline of release inevitably stands at around 2021. But due to the Coronavirus, the scheduled dates have been postponed.

However the producers are making efforts to air the show within April 2021, so that the fans can have a glimpse of their favorite doctor.