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“Doctor Who” Season 12 Episode 9: The Thirteenth Doctor returns Promo, cast and other details

The best tv show “Doctor Who” which is produced by the bbc, A category of science fiction. and Its first season was released in 1963 and still succeeding the minds of subscribers. The twelfth season is in the works, but current reports are that it will not air until 2020 but season 11 is still streaming. The storyline is the adventure of the time lord who is named as “doctor”.our favourite doctor who is a mysterious extraterrestrial being from the planet Gallifrey, The Doctor travels through the universe in the TARDIS , it has a vast interior but appears smaller on the outside.

Doctor Who: ‘Ascension of the Cybermen’

In episode 8 of the season, we get to see the result of her choice we see the beginning of the Cyber War.

The brand new episode of 11 season is ready to launch with Thirteenth Doctor. Our favourite doctor is not alone but with three friends.they are facing one of the best challenges in this episode. even though the main character was an eccentric alien traveller but possess human emotions in human form.

The aftermath of the Great CyberWar. To protect the last human race of the  cyberman  so the doctors and there friends have arrive and just because of the enemy the best friends of the doctor are in risk

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All questions are expected to get answered in the upcoming episode.


The Doctor is currently portrayed by Jodie Whittaker. As we know that Molly Harris, Neil Stuke, Jo Martin, Anjli Mohindra, and Julia Foster will be in this new season. 

 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

On Sunday, 16 February 2020, Doctor Who Season 12 Episode 8 ‘The Haunting of Villa Diodati’ was released. Season 12 Episode 9 ‘Ascension of the Cybermen’ is expected to be aired on Sunday, 23 February 2020. It  is expected to be 50 minutes of running time


Season 12, Episode 9-Promo


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