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Doctor Strange 2: Release Date, Cast Details You Need To Know

Doctor Strange 2 Release Date
Doctor Strange 2 Release Date

Hey guys, are you a marvel lover have you watched Dr. strange here is the news for you let’s read this article till the end.

The sorcerer of supreme was expected to make a comeback through Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness which has an expected release date of 7th of May 2021.

A tweet by Robert Cargill made things pretty much clear that Kevin Feige and the team are working on a script right now.

His tweet says that he and Scott Derrickson haven’t worked with the script of the sequel of Dr strange and that he’s also excited to find out the story that the makers are now working on.

Behind The Scenes

Scott Derrickson, the man who brought Dr. Stephen Strange into the MCU has recently left the sequel of Dr. Strange.

More drama ensued with Cargill’s tweet which left no clue for Marvel fans all over the world what is going to happen.

The sequel named Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness was supposed to be a horror fantasy thriller and the first one of that kind in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever.

This was one of the reasons the sequel was on the waitlist of many fans all over.

The exit of the director and Sam Raimi taking the direction into his hands was shocking.

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Who Is Dr. Stephen Strange?

Doctor Strange 2 cast
Doctor Strange 2 cast

Dr. Stephen Strange or simply Dr. Strange is a character appearing in MCU movies.

A neurosurgeon barely survives a car crash and finds himself on a journey to Kamar Taj where he learns mystic arts and acquires magical strengths.

His willpower and determination make him the keeper of the time stone and the sorcerer of the supreme.

Movies And Roles

Doctor Strange 2 Release Date
Doctor Strange 2 Release Date

First appeared in the Solo movie titled Dr. Strange released in 2016 starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange in the lead.

Later he played a guest role in Thor: Ragnarok.

Later Dr. Strange made his biggest screen presence in Avengers: Infinity War where he played a pivotal role.

Fortunately or unfortunately he was destined to see the future and hence the first person to saw and predict the endgame.

Benedict Cumberbatch was exceptionally good in his role and he was signed in as Dr strange again for the Phase 4 of Marvel Universe through a sequel.

So that’s how important Dr. Strange is to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with just 3 films. The genius wizard still has a lot of work to do as the movie is still expecting a grand release on May 7, 2021.