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Doctor Strange 2: Aired Date, Cast, Other Updates and What Is the Production Status of Doctor Strange 2 ?

Marvel announced Doctor Strange 2 a while ago. Doctor Strange, the man who is awesomely powerful. His chill yet serious nature is very intriguing and people find him a worthy character. Now he will be back to give us more entertainment. We will see Benedict Cumberbatch wearing the Cloak of Levitation. I can just imagine my reactions right now.

There are also some rumours and information regarding the spin-off. We don’t have any details regarding that. It could be a huge number of things but its pretty hard to pinpoint it right now.

Release date and Production status of Doctor Strange 2

The movie has postponed for 6 months exactly. The creators have officially announced the delay regarding the movie. We will have to wait till November 5th 2021 instead of May 2021. This delay happened due to the ongoing pandemic. A whole heap of movies and tv series have shifted their dates and stopped their production. Marvel universe’s movies have been affected by it too. Their schedule for release has been going through a lot of changes.

Plot details of Doctor Strange 2

Scott Derrickson was removed from the sequel. Sam Raimi became the new director of Doctor Strange 2. Firstly, we will see some very special and unique representation of the multiverse. We don’t know how exactly the multiverse in the marvel universe is. We will surely learn more about it.

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Secondly, we will have a chance of seeing Dr. Strange and the Scarlet Witch in the movie. It is pretty awesome seeing that they have teamed up frequently in the comics.

Cast details for Doctor Strange 2

Benedict Cumberbatch will be back as Dr. Strange. He will be accompanied by Bendict Wong who will play Wong. Chiwetel Ejifor will play the role of Mordo. It was anticipated back then that Nightmare might just be the main villain of the story. We don’t know whether that has changed or if there are other changes. Elizabeth Olsen will play the role Scarlet Witch with Doctor Strange. There might be some link between Doctor Strange and WandaVision.