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Doctor Stone Season 2: Is Coming? All The Details Updated

There’s good news for the anime lovers. Here’s a new magma anime series for all the anime lovers.

After getting positive reviews from the audience, production decided to give a pleasant surprise to the viewers and releasing the 2nd season of the series.

For the information of release date, plot and everything else we know about. For that read our full article.

The Plot of Season 1

In this season Senku discovered a time capsule that is left by his father.

He later discovered that in that capsule a chip is hidden in which his father’s voice is recorded, in which he tells him about the world he wants to create and the discoveries he wants to do.

And he tells him that it was only possible if he overpowers Tsukasa’s empire and frees all the petrified people.

Later story takes a new twist when Senku knew that his father and few astronauts are alive and they lived in the space.

After returning from the space Senku’s father reveled that only Senku can revive humanity.

The Plot of Season 2

In this season it’s all up to Senku that how he form everything to defeat Tsukasa’s empire. is he able to revive humanity?

And it will be a pleasure to watching how he will revive humanity and free all the person who is in the imprisonment of Tsukasa.

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Later his two friends Yuzuriha and Taiju help Senku to revive humanity.

Is There Any Trailer or Teaser Is Out?

On 22nd December, the production house released 1st teaser of 2nd season of Dr. Stone. Watch the teaser so you can know the basic plot of the story.

When It Will Be Released

There’s the no official date is announced yet.

But it is assumed that it will be aired in June 2020. I am also excited to watch season 2 so, I can feel your curiosity and eagerness.

I hope that the official date will be announced soon.

Final words

Hope that as the season 1 left some questions in the viewer’s mind, the second season will answer all of your question and the second season will be as hit as the first season.