Disney Releases Never-Before-Seen Post-Credits Clip Online

Iron Man: Disney Releases Never-Before-Seen Post-Credits Clip

Disney and director Jon Favreau just shared a new take of the post-credits scene from the MCU’s first movie, Iron Man, that had never been seen before.

Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel L. Jackson set a new standard for Hollywood in Iron Man, starring in the MCU’s very first post-credits scene at the end of that movie. This would kickstart a trend for nearly every single MCU movie to follow over the next 15 years, with all but three Marvel Studios movies or Disney+ shows including at least one post-credits moment.

This particular scene featured Nick Fury telling Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative for the first time, opening the door for Marvel to start its wildly-successful cinematic universe with team-up outings now on the table.

There have even been other takes of this scene that referenced Spider-Man and the X-Men, giving Jackson a chance to add new life to an already iconic MCU moment.

Alternate Iron Man Post-Credits Scene Goes Public


During an interview on the Disney-owned Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Iron Man director Jon Favreau shared an unused version of the post-credits scene from his 2008 MCU movie, one that had never been released to the public.

Favreau explained to Kimmel that, while shooting Nick Fury’s now-iconic “Avengers Initiative” tag scene in 2007, he asked star Samuel L. Jackson to film a take “just for fun” which Favreau knew “wasn’t gonna be in the movie.” 

In this new version of the post-credits scene, while most of the dialogue is similar to the theatrical cut, Jackson unleashes his iconic “motherf***er” line when Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark asks who he is:

Tony Stark: “Who the hell are you?”

Nick Fury: “Nick Fury, motherf***er.”

That full clip can be seen below, with the f-bomb-featured post-credits take starting at the 1:34 mark:

For comparison, below is the original scene from the cut of Iron Man that first hit theaters in 2008:

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