Disney Has Unveiled the Official Poster for ‘Haunted Mansion’ Ahead of Tomorrow’s Trailer Drop

Haunted Mansion 2023

Image via Disney

After unexpectedly having its release date switched just two weeks ago, Disney’s reboot adaptation Haunted Mansion is here to grace lovers of the Mouse House with an aesthetically-pleasing official poster. The cinematic experience was initially set to be helmed by horror master Guillermo del Toro, but other plans were obviously made. And with Disney taking a temporary break from focusing on The Marvels and its fresh-faced release date, it looks like the production giant is aiming to add its own element of intrigue in the horror genre.

The aforementioned poster, which was released earlier today, showcases one of the character’s staring down one of the corridors in the dreaded haunted mansion. But unlike certain aspects of the 2003 Eddie Murphy version, Justin Simien’s project is said to focus solely on the ever-popular roller coaster ride from Walt Disney’s theme park. You can check out the official poster for yourself down below:

If the poster itself weren’t enough to completely captivate Disney fanatics and attract a broader audience, then the film’s star-studded cast list is surely brilliant enough to place some butts in theater seats. On the other hand, the inclusion of Jared Leto has been a noticeable red flag for the project that has generated some backlash. Nevertheless, with the much-anticipated trailer expected to drop tomorrow, there’s certainly no denying that Disney fans are ready to be entertained by the film’s eerie vibe — especially with scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis involved in the project.

Haunted Mansion is now set to haunt theaters on July 28.