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Disharmony Over the Battle Royale Game Genre: Which One Is the Best, Pubg or Call of Duty? Tap to Check Further Details

Battle Royale games are quite big these days as the quarantine has let people with nothing but all the free time sitting in their homes. So, let’s take a look at two of the most famous Battle Royale games. PUBG and Call of Duty: Warzone.

Let’s Compare

Actually, Today we have got “Call of Duty: Warzone” in our phones and other devices. The game has got almost zero promotions and with that, it also had a lot of leaks down the road but all along it has made its way and it’s going pretty well with 150 players stimulating over the whole place. It’s kind of packed.

The one thing is that nowadays we all are facing is the same old game with a lot of defaults. For instance, if we take a look of Fortnite. The game is getting worst by time as with lesser updates on the various mods and thematic background. The whole game is kind of dead.

“Call of Duty: Warzone” has one thing which the other games lack and that is the cross-play/cross significance with “Modern Warfare” which means that weapons and customised items which you unlocked in “Modern Warfare” will be with you when you will play “Warzone” with all the modes present at all times and vice verse.

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So, Which One Is Better??

Other games like PUBG don’t have any story in the first place that why the battle royale is happening. It’s just you are playing so that you could be able to fit in this world.

The best concept of “Warzone” and other COD games have is that now these games are interlinked which creates a kind of COD universe where if you buy things from one game then you will be able to find it on another and this thing is going to be applied on future projects.

With that being said, PUBG has although become quite a hit these days with people playing it for almost more than a year or two but still, it doesn’t have what it takes to be a battle royale at it’s best. So, “COD: Warzone” without a doubt is one of the best games ever.