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Disenchantment Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Story

The comic fantasy of “Disenchantment” has created a great impact in the world of cartoon series which are currently running around. The creator of the series Matt Groening has previously provided us with his fascinating sci-fi toon series “Futurama”.

The series ” Disenchantment” has been renewed for Season 3 and it seems that neither fans nor Netflix were able to wait to renew the series and since the series has been renewed for season 3. Let’s try to dig a bit deeper.

What’s Waiting for Us??

Both the seasons of the series was able to throw a major cliffhanger to the fans with the first season with most of the members who were living in Dreamland were turning into stone and the reason for the whole thing was Bean’s own mother Queen Dagmar who is an evil sorceress responsible for cursing the land. This was the first season.

The second season was able to take us on another route as Elfo and Luci, both of them were able to confront danger while they were in the journey with Bean. So, now everything is for uncertain and what they will do is something which we need to wait for.

What’s the Day of Release??

The third season hasn’t got any confirm the release date but as per looking at the whole pattern of release and with the current pandemic in the scenario. The upcoming season could be released in mid-2020 and 2021.

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The trailer for the third season is something we don’t have for now, but no need to worry as soon as the shooting part will be done. They will be able to release the trailer soon.

The cast of the upcoming season is going to remain the same for sure. So, no need to worry about hearing some new voices and definitely a relief after all a series with such a huge fanbase deserves to be respected.