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Disenchantment: releasing this September, read here to know everything about it!!!

Disenchantment is an animated series streamed on Netflix. It is a sitcom by the genre and it is made by the creator of ‘Futurama’ and The ‘Simpsons’; Matt Groening. Matt has given this series a touch of tragicomedy and rephrased humor. This is an American series best suited for individuals above the age of 18 years.

Seeing the popularity of its previous seasons seems that people are anyway enjoying the Groening’s trademark humor of the show and could possibly come out with more seasons in coming future.

When is Disenchantment Season 3 Release Date?

The wait is over as the show will most probably be on the floors in September 2020 on Netflix. Stay in touch with us for future updates.

What is Disenchantment Season 3 Trailer?

The first look of season 3 has come out… have a look at it!!!

Disenchantment Season 3 Plot is something you would want to know…

Most noteworthy the Princess runs away from her duties and choose to enjoy her routine by getting drunk. In contrast, she even irritates the king and inflicts destruction with her demon and elf pals.

The sitcom series shows the story of a princess named Bean who lives in a place in Dreamland. Furthermore, she loves alcohol more than anything else in the world. Above all she sets aboard on several unfortunate journeys accompanied by the two of her strange friends named Elfo, which is an elf and Luci- the demon. Their misadventures create all the fun and humor for the viewers.

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The animated series portrays the Princess’s misadventures and serves the reality of modern society in a satirical way. It gives an opportunity to talk about the gender roles and the expectation attached with it. The series is not just about adult fun and humor but it manly focuses on its three characters.

Want to know about the cast of Disenchantment Season 3 ?

Abbi Jacobson actress from the ‘Broad City’ played the role of Princess Bean, whose full name is is Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz.

The role of Luci was played by Eric Andre, who earned a wide fame in ‘The Eric Andre Show’.Elfo has some soft corner for Candy, whose real name is Nat Faxo, famous for his role in ‘The Descendants’. Elfo is the naive elf companion who happens to like Candy. His role is played by Nat Faxo, also known for his works in ‘The Descendants.’

Other characters are as follows: John DiMaggio as King Zog, Bean’s father. Tress MacNeille has played the role of Queen Ona, Bean’s stepmother, and Zog’s second mother. The character of Queen Dagmar, Bean’s biological mother, is played by Sharon Horgan. Noel Fielding could be seen as a torture chamber executive, who is also very kind and sweet.