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Disappointment For Gaming Fans: Call Of Duty 2020 Launch Delayed Due To Corona Pandemic

The quarantine for gamers becomes just a bit more complicated.

Activision announced that they had deferred the release of the game indefinitely.

Corona Pandemic and its Global Outbreak is the reason behind this situation.

Corona’s Impact on Call of Duty 2020

Call of Duty’s success as a franchise is well documented.

This RPG Action Shooter is a testimony of gaming advancement.

However, the world is now in tatters due to Corona Pandemic.

Complete lockdown and shutting of activities characterize this epidemic.

It is responsible for claiming millions of lives around the world. International Governments are enforcing emergencies everywhere.

Fans Expectations from Call of Duty 2020

The tremendous success of COD: Modern Warfare paved the way for this game.

Renovated Graphics and Built-in Battle Royale are the prime features of this game.

Fan’s spirits have dampened after hearing the news of the delay.

Overwatch League 2 and The Last of Us 2 are some of the delayed launch games.

I hope this disaster passes away soon.

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