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Diplo and Jevon King Welcome His Model Son

Jevon King and Diplo had a little child together. Recently, Diplo has officially confirmed that he has a baby with her. Jevon King is a famous model. Diplo is popular DJ and has fans from all over the world. He has a huge following and has worked with many famous singers bringing a number of great songs.

The First Announcement

Back in Oct 2019, Jevon King has gone to her Instagram and posted something very special. She announced to everyone in a post that she is pregnant and is going to have her first baby child. The image showed that she was growing a baby inside her.

She captioned the post as said to her baby about how she feels so happy with the baby growing in her. Besides this, she talks about how much she loves it and wants to hold it as soon as possible. She also wanted to see the baby show love to her after being born.

Baby was Born

After her announcement, fans did not have to wait for long to see the first image of the cute little baby. This year, on March 20, Jevon King posted an image of herself with her baby. The baby is a boy and he is called “Pace”. It is a great and beautiful name.

The Father

It was Mother’s Day, yesterday on March 10th. Diplo posted three very loving photo on his Instagram. He posted an image which showed Kathryn Lockhart. Lockhart used to be Diplo’s partner. The two had children with the names Lockett Pentz and Lazer Pentzz. Also, if you did not know, Diplo’s real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz. Besides that, the ex-couple had two children together.

Now, in that image, he also put Jevon and his son Pace. Yep, Pace is the son of Diplo and Jevon King. Diplo’s mom was also in the picture. He captioned the post saying that he is very thankful about having three very strong women in his life. According to him, he is not really perfect but he is very thankful to have three beautiful children. Besides this, he also stated he loves them a lot.

Jevon King also celebrated her first Mother’s Day with her son. She went on to Instagram and talked about how happy she is to have such a beautiful son in her life. Besides this, she talked about how much he has helped her to go through these difficult times.


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