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Digital Mirage Electronic Music Festival Has Attracted More Than 1 Million Viewers

As due to COVID-19 pandemic many electronic artists are not able to move to different places to perform so this has led to DJ and electronics artist turning to live stream to perform and attract the audience. This chance is being used by many platforms to raise funds for those who belong to the music industry and are suffering due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Who organised the Digital Mirage event:

The influential YouTube channel Proximity joined hand with Los Angeles event company Brownies & Lemonade to organise the successful event Digital Mirage. Digital Mirage was three days long event which streamed for 12 hours daily on Proximity’s YouTube channel between April 3-5. The event was for raising fund those who are in need of help in the music industry.

About the event and artist that participated:

The three days long event included the performance from 51 artists, including famous electronic artist like Louis The Child, Alison Wonderland, Dab the Sky and many other artists gave their performance in the event. The event was a great success and about 1 million viewers turned in for the event and also the viewership on Youtube and PlayStation was about 200,000.

About the success of the event:

The organiser of the event had the aim of raising $100,000 in three days of the event. But the event proved out to be a great success on the first day and was able to raise over $90,000 with the help of the performances from Kaskade and Ghastly. The aim of collecting $100,000 was completed within 14 minutes of starting the event on the second day with the help of performance from Gryffin’. The event was successful in raising $300,000 worth at the end of 3 days which itself tells the story about the success of the event.

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Who will benefit from the fund raised:

All the amount that is raised from the Digital Mirage will go into the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund. This fund was founded in 1994 is a non-profitable fund which is used for helping the musicians and music industry workers who are facing the problem like medical issues, disabilities, or age-related problems. Looking at the current scenario it is clear that the fund will be used for those who are in need of help due to coronavirus pandemic or any other emergencies.