Did You know there is a highway in space known as interplanetary superhighway

Yeah, you heard it Right as u know the article is all about the interplanetry superhighway, that means it creates a pathway for spacecraft around the  solar system with least resistance using the gravity, so basically planetary science or you can call as planetolgy is known for the study of planets in which earth is also included. This highway makes traveller simple.


The Interplanetary Transport Network

What is the Full form of ITN (interplanetary Transport Network) it was the key to dicovered that ITN was used to collect the information of about ways near by Earth-Sun and Earth-Moon Lagrange points, Lagrange points means that there is 5 location in space which is know as lagrange points so it was firstly investigated in 1980 by the Jules-Henri Poincaré.

So this was the short article on this topic where i have given the information about highway on space

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